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Business Maintenance Contract

On-Site Contract Services include:
On-call for repair issues (by 4 hr. max. business days).
Technical support HW, SW issues (callbacks by 4 hours).

Repair common problems:
Hardware: CD, scanner, audio, etc.
Software: System slow, Virus, etc.
Printers: Queue clearing, errors,
Network problems: sharing, connection
Internet connection (DSL, Modem)

New HW: DVD, scanner, memory, etc.
Network installs including wireless.
New Computer connection to network,
DSL, cable modem, dial-up internet.

On-Site Maintenance:
Windows Optimization (remove net, and tmp files),
Hard Drive Utilities: Scandisk (marks good sectors),
Defrag (organizes memory access),
Update Virus Protection files, run Virus scan.
Data backup (must backup before initial visit).
Cleaning inside computer case from dust, etc.

1. Fee Structure
The company computer “Hardware Maintenance Contract” fee is charged per computer workstation billed per calendar month. Servers, routers, bridges, hubs, switches, and other networking hardware are not covered. Network troubleshooting, repair, and/or replacement are performed on a different basis above and beyond contract terms.

2.Reimbursable Expenses
Any replacement parts such as: Hard Drive, RAM memory, processor, motherboard, case, keyboard, mouse, etc. will be charged at my direct cost including sales tax.

3. Software Ownership
Software re-installation must be from original registered sources (CDrom, or diskette). Not responsible for problems caused by unregistered shareware, or downloaded software.
Please have the original copies of your Operating System, and applications available during technician(s) visit. For WAN, LAN connectivity issues please have your username, password, TCP / IP address, POP server, SMTP server, and other necessary identifications available.

Download Maintenance Agreement in Adobe Acrobat format.



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