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Summit Games Tips

Third-Sixth Grade Game Tips

Train them to catch the bean bag with both hands. Help them to throw the bean bag low and straight to prevent overthrowing. Time each child to see who is the fastest and best passer/receiver team leader in the center. Teach kids to catch the bag with both hands at their chest and to throw straight (not lobbing). Line kids up by height to avoid dramatic changes in throwing heights. Train clubbers on the circle to pay special attention to the white circle line to avoid disqualification (place fidgety clubbers several inches behind the white circle line)!  Bean Bag Relay has three heats:  Heat #1 - 8/5 girls, Heat #2 - 8/5 boys, Heat #3 - Team heat 16/10 players.

The key to a successful run is the baton passing. Practice hand offs by having them run passing drills to learn how to pass and accept the baton while running! Runner should pass the baton with their left hand to the next runner who will accept in in their right hand. Pay attention to passing in the "passing zone" and don't let players 2 & 3 cause interference with other teams (can result in disqualification) - have them step out right before their teammate. Once the player has completed their run, make sure they leave the circle - do not re-enter the center! Make sure that the last runner run around their pin (meaning they run 1 1/4 laps around the circle) rather than at the pin they accepted the baton. Coaches need to keep track of the laps! Several teams have lost because someone lost track of how many laps had been run! no Tag rule

The keys to winning this event are coordination, speed and practice. Contestants can improve their coordination by running in step to a "1-2" count. is Practice with everyone and find a good pair. Once you have your pairs, have them practice a lot! When passing, tagging is not required and will cause less chance of being entangled. Also practice the final pivot into the center and don't forget to hit the baton with hands only!

Sprinter should be fast, marathoner should have endurance. Sprinter should run "full steam" all the way to the end and never look back (which slows them down). Marathoner should run an extra lap in practice to further build endurance. Coach - count laps! NEW: no Tag rule always train to keep on running unless a Judge pulls out.

Keys to winning are strength and agility in reaching and gaining possession of the bean bag. Offensive player is taller and uses arms/legs to pull bag closer. Defensive player is strongest and leans to maximize pulling weight. Teammates need to talk to each other and hang on to the rope! Players now start with the rope TAUT down the team's diagonal line, rather than pulled together in the center.

This game has the highest rate of disqualification! Not all of the clubbers have to touch the balloon as it goes through, with many churches using the 'quarterback style' passing. The biggest reasons for disqualification are receiving the balloon behind the front line or in front of the back line.

This game needs to be repeated many times- lots of practice will be essential to success. Line Judges will be watching for excessive sliding (horizontal movement rather than vertical) when bag is placed into center triangle. Tossing the beanbag can result in disqualification.


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